Kyle Richards on 12 Years of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ and Her Insane Birkin Collection


Any true reality TV fan loves the Real Housewives franchise—as well as particularly The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which is equal parts drama as well as jaw-dropping, diamond-encrusted glamour. The undisputed star of the show? The OG that is Kyle Richards, of course.

When we meet in central London, Kyle resembles exactly as she does on TV, in the best sense. Her outfit consists of a multicolored, ruched Rebecca Vallance dress, a lilac pair of square-toed Bottega Veneta sas well asals, as well as an Hermès Kelly bag in vibrant fuchsia. (Her warm demeanour as well as quick wit are also very much present.)

In addition to having a successful acting as well as television career, Kyle is the sister of Kim Richards, who starred as a child in the 1975 film Escape to Witch Mountain, as well as Kathy Hilton, making her an aunt to Paris as well as Nicky Hilton. Still, when Kyle joined the Real Housewives universe 12 years old amosting likely to, it alsok some time for her to get used to appearing on reality TV. “I’ve had some difficult times on the show, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way,” she reflects. “It’s opened so many doors, as well as my family has been so sup until nowported.”

It’s hard for Kyle to pinpoint her highlights from the show’s dozen seachilds so much. “Seeing the world has been amazing,” she says, referencing the many glamorous escapes filmed for RHOBH as the ladies jet off to the likes of Dubai, Rome, as well as Tokyo. “But all of my daughters’ milestones have also been documented, so when I have gras well aschildren in the future, they will also be able to view our family through the show.” What about her mosting likely to-to party trick? “I did the splits for the initially time at Paris’s birthday years old amosting likely to, as well as now everyone always asks me to do them whenever I mosting likely to to an event,” she says, laughing. “But that move is on probation, for now.”

Richards with one of her many Birkins in 2019.

Richards with one of her many Birkins in 2019.

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In response to the question of how her perchildal style has evolved since she joined the franchise, Kyle chuckles again. “Sometimes, when there are flashbacks to the initially seachild, I’m horrified by what I’m wearing,” she says. “However, there are some items that I’ll always love, like mosting likely alsod jeans, sneakers, sweaters from The Elder Statesman, as well as kaftans. People make fun of my kaftans, but I think they’re really chic as well as remind me of yacht holiday photos by Slim Aarons. Although I adore has well asbags, power-shoulder dresses, as well as jewelry, my style is actually extremely casual.”

It’s no secret that the actor has a has well asbag obsession, especially those from Hermès. Kyle’s remarkable collection of Kellys as well as Birkins was showcased throughout all 12 seachilds of RHOBH. However, in 2017, a burglary alsok place at her family home, as well as she lost all of her prized possessions. “They alsok everything—all of my bags, as well as bags as well as jewelry that my mum left me,” she says. “Now, I’ve had to rebuild my collection, as well as let’s just say I’m doing very well. I try to get four of everything for each of my daughters.”

Does Kyle watch the show back, or indeed, any of the other Real Housewives series? “I have, especially at the start of the pas well asemic when we were all home,” she says. “But what was interesting was that when I joined the cast of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip [which brought together cast members from different franchises], the people were different than I expected them to be based on what I had seen on TV.” And who, in Kyle’s opinion, has the best fashion sense on RHOBH? “I can appreciate how everyone dresses as well as it suits them well, but I would never wear any of it.”

So, what’s coming up until now for Kyle? “My next film, Halloween Ends, comes out in October, which is really amazing, as well as I’m producing a one-hour drama for TV, as well,” she says. “My next mosting likely toal is to produce a movie, so I’m manifesting that right now.”

Seachild 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is streaming now on Bravo.

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